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Monday, 4 July 2016

Lush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

Hello :)

I know it's been a very long time since my last post, but to be honest that seems to be the norm for me lately. Going on a break for a while and renewing my love for blogging before coming back to write more posts. I want this blog to be some thing I love not something I feel like I have to do, but thank you all for your patience.

Today I have a quick review post for you on a gorgeous little product from our good friends over at Lush. I did a bit of a Lush haul a few weeks ago actually for my birthday, and this is one of the products I picked up that I'd never tried before.

They have a pretty good selection of different face masks to suit all kinds of skin types, but I opted for this one as I have very sensitive skin on my face and suffer from redness on my cheeks. This mask containing rose petal and calamine powder claimed to sooth skin and calm redness, so it seemed like the perfect choice. 

I've tried it 4 times now over the last few weeks, and I love it! If I'm honest I haven't noticed that much change in the redness of my skin, but I have noticed that my face feels a lot more soothed. My skin is softer and doesn't have that dry tightness that I used to get. Plus it smells absolutely amazing - a soft, sweet floral scent. 

I will definitely be trying more of their face masks once I have finished this one. Another winner from one of my favorite brands. 

Once again, thank you for being patient with me and for popping by to check out my post. 

Love to you all x 

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