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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Little Christmas Treat....

Hello again!

Just to rub it in a little bit (sorry) I now have nothing but free time up until Christmas! I can actually feel the jealousy from here! No work to do, no Christmas shopping left to buy, I'm finished. Nothing but wrapping (which I actually love), seeing family, and Christmas baking left for me to do.

This year, I actually shocked myself in finishing my Christmas shopping under budget! So, as a treat for doing so, I've decided to buy myself a little present. A well done for being good this year :P But what to choose! There a lot of stuff I really want but I kinda know I'm getting it for Christmas, so I want something I cant treat myself with to accompany them... and join my ever growing make up hoard! I officially can't decide what though.... So I need your help. Should it be:

1. The Urban Decay Fun Palette 

I LOVE Urban Decay palettes. I have asked for the Naked 3 palette as I know I need it in my life, but I think the shades in this little palette are just so... well.... fun! The brighter colours would make a nice change to the large collection of nudes and browns that I have. 

2. MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum 

I am a self confessed lipstick hoarder. I have way too many already, but I lack a bright girly pink colour, so I think that this would actually fill a gap in my make up collection. I think MAC lipsticks are really good, and they don't dry out my lips too much in the colder weather either. This is a shade that I could see becoming a firm favorite as the weather warms up and it turns to spring... so its kind of like a investment. Right?? 

3. NARS Multiple Bronzer 

I think NARS do lovely blusher/bronzer palettes, and I love their eyeshadows, but this is something that a few people have said is really good, but I've never really paid much attention to. The idea is that its a bronzing stick that you can use on your cheeks, eyes and body. I like the idea of it being versatile, but I honestly can't believe that it would look right on anywhere but your cheeks... I want to try it for its uses as a bronzer alone, as I love their powder ones, and at the same time could investigate whether it does actually work elsewhere or not. 

So come on then people.... help me?! Which one should I buy myself for Christmas...? Lets put it to the vote :) 

Love to you all x


  1. aw i love buying myself presents haha!ooh they are all so nice!which one did you end up going for?:)xx

    1. The urban decay palette :) and will buy the lipstick next payday :P I love treating myself too! Am going to do a review when I've used it a bit more xxx