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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Winter Project Week #6: Christmas Make Up

Hello everyone! Wow, I can't believe that #TheWinterProject only has a couple of posts left! Must mean it's nearly Christmas though, yay!! This week, we are posting about our favorite make up looks for Christmas. 

To be honest, when it comes to Christmas day, I don't tend to do much with my make up. I'm more excited about opening presents and eating way too much food to spend too long looking in the mirror, so to me, Christmas make up should be simple but still bold and festive. That's why I always turn to a statement lipstick, and bold festive nails (which I can do the night before)! That's why, instead of posting a whole make up look, I'm going to show you my favorite lipsticks and nail polishes for this time of year :) 

As you can see, I love my pinks and reds. I think reds are more festive, but pink tones tend to suit my skin tone more. As you can see from the top picture, all of these lipsticks look well worn. That is because I love them all, and have had 2 or 3 of them for a couple of years now (only tend to bring them out in winter)! In order from left to right, we have: MUA - Shade 3, Shiseido - Perfect Rouge, Astor - Rouge Couture and Avon - Smitten Red. 

Not only do all of these lipsticks give you a big bold sweep of colour, but they are all very moisturising too, which makes them especially perfect for this time of year. I find that the one by Shiseido looks especially bold and glamorous if worn with a layer of clear high shine lip gloss over the top. But as I tend to eat my own weight in turkey and pigs in blankets on the day, I think lip gloss would wear off pretty quickly! As lipsticks on their own, they are very long wearing (after doing the swatches earlier I have actually stained my arm a pinky red colour... Oops)!

When it comes to my nails, I normally tend to go for a metallic colour at Christmas. The Barry M Gold Foil Effect nail polish is a firm favorite of mine, and I have blogged about it already. Its like it was meant to be worn on Christmas day. You only need one coat, its quick and simple to apply, hard wearing, and instantly glamorous. Then we have the polish by Astor in Tonic Orange. I'd never heard of the brand Astor until recently, when a friend of mine received some Astor products as an unwanted present, and so gave them to me to try. I will be doing a full post about what I got when I have finished trying everything, but this orange nail polish and the lipstick mentioned above have both been brilliant. It's branded as being long wearing, and it really is. I put it on to try about 5 days ago, and its only just starting to chip at the ends. That's amazing for me as I have my hands into everything all the time and usually need to re-paint after around 3 days. It's bright, bold, and is a twist to the usual red nails of this season. 

So there we have it, some of my favorite make up for Christmas. Thank you for reading, and all comments are appreciated. MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) 

Love to you all x


  1. Love the colour of the Shiseido lipstick! Great choices :) L xo

    1. Thank you :) I love it, and it's great for this time of year. Plus it was a free gift when I took out my vogue subscription so you can't argue with free!! Xx