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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Illamasqua Cream Foundation Review

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all having a good week. The weather has been crazy, so I've been lucky enough to be at home the last two days, dog sitting for my sister and catching up on studying. Although my water did get cut off due to the flooding (not sure how that works?!) but all is good now :)

Anyway, on to the post. Today, I am doing a review of the Illamasqua Cream Foundation that I purchased a couple of weeks ago in the sale. For only £5, I couldn't resist! Normally, this is £23, which is more than I'd normally spend, although saying that I have tried their liquid foundation in the past and loved it, so I had high hopes for this!

To start with, I was pleased with the amount of product you get. You get 8g, which I have found to be plenty. As you can see from the picture, I wasn't smart enough to take a picture before I used it, but this does at least show how long it lasts. I have used this about 10 times since buying it, and as you can see, there is not much missing. I can see this lasting a long time! 

It is a full coverage foundation, which I like, as I get red marks on my cheeks from burst blood vessels, and it covers these completely without the need for concealer. In terms of the wear, it lasts quite a long time, around 8 hours without needing a touch up, and that is good for me. The product blends well, and has a lovely smooth finish. It manages to make my skin look fully covered without it looking fake... This is a bonus from a full coverage foundation! 

I have mainly been applying this with my Real Techniques sponge, and much prefer the finish I get with this than I do when I use the sponge provided, however the sponge that comes with it is perfect for little touch ups if you're out and about, and is better than I would have expected. 

I like the packaging, which is pretty much the same throughout their whole range, with the sleek lines, shiny black finish and a little mirror included. 

The main thing I was worried about with this foundation was the consistency. I tend to get dry patches around my nose in winter, and I was worried that a thick foundation applied with a sponge would enhance these rather than cover them. However, I've actually found this foundation to be quite moisturising. It doesn't dry my skin out at all, and the product glides on so easily that it doesn't drag over dry patches. 

Over all, I have been very impressed with this product. I can't think of any faults for it. I can't see me needing to replace this any time soon, and I am also still loving using my Rimmel Stay Matte Mouse Liquid foundation, but when I do run out, I would be happy to pay the £23 to replace it. 

Have any of you tried this, and if so what did you think? 

Love to you all x


  1. Great post :) I get dry skin in the winter too, and sturggle with foundation clinging to my dry patches so this is a massive brownie point with this foundation!! Sucks that it's £23 ... I'm already saving up for NARS sheer glow!


  2. Thank you :) I want that too, but am on a spending ban this month :P if you get it let me know if you do a review on it :) x