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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Colour B4 Review

Hello everyone :)

So, after what seems like forever, I'm back! I decided a while ago to take a little break from blogging. I was just so busy with everything else that finding time to fit this in almost felt like a chore, and I want this to be something I enjoy and love doing. I've missed it a lot, so after a break of what seems like forever, I'm back to resume work on my blog :)

I'm starting with a bit of a random review today. I have dyed my hair for as long as I can remember, and always had it pretty dark. I alternated between dark browns, reds and purples, but this summer I finally decided that I wanted something a bit lighter and more summery. I had quite bad colour build up, and no matter what colour dye I put on my hair, it was getting to the point where it almost looked black, and I couldn't change it.

I never really wanted to use a hair stripper, as I'd heard a lot of horror stories about how they ruin your hair (and make it fall out, or make the colour patchy.... you name it, I heard it) but after a friend at work said she used it and never had a problem, I decided to give it a try.

I bought Colour B4 from my local shop, as it seemed to have the best reviews online, and one night after a glass of wine for courage, I gave it a try.
It didn't smell amazing. Actually, it smelt awful! The consistency was pretty much the same as hair dye. I did a patch test before I used it all over my hair, and knew it was going to be ok with my very sensitive skin, but I wasn't holding up much hope for the end result.
But actually, I was really happy! Once I'd washed it all off and used the after treatment they give you, I couldn't smell it any more, and was left with a light coppery hair colour. Naturally my hair is light mousey brown, but I expected there to be some staining from all the red tones I had used on it, but I actually love the colour I was left with. It took all the dark colours off my hair perfectly, and the result wasn't patch at all, my hair wasn't even in bad condition afterwards! Any of my most recent twitter pics show the colour that I was left with, and I think I'm going to be keeping it for a while (I get bored of my hair insanely quickly).
Now I'm not going to say that if you use it you will get amazing results, I don't want to give anyone that guarantee just in case. There are a lot of factors you need to consider such as the colour your hair is, the colour it is naturally, the condition of your hair and many others things. I'd suggest doing a bit of research first if you are considering it, but all I can say is that it couldn't have gone better for me.
Well, it does feel good to be back on the blogging scene, and I promise I will be going back to regular posts :)
Thank you all for reading, and as always .....
Love to you all x

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