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Friday, 30 September 2016

Lime Crime


Well, as of 5:30 today, I have officially finished work ready to start nine days off!! I can't wait to have some free time to get fully up to date on blog stuff - get photos taken and posts written up. You have no idea how happy I am right now

Today's post, however,  is a little mention of a brand that I have only just stumbled across - Lime Crime. I visited their website, and oh my! I was greeted to beautiful shimmery eyeshadows and metalic liquid lipsticks. For those of you who follow my Instagram, you will already have seen from my pictures how obsessed I am with glitter and metalics at the moment - I think they're perfect for this time of year- and before I knew it I was adding item after item to my shopping cart. They are an American company, but you can order online. The Lana matte liquid lipstick will most likely be a favorite of mine. I will swatch when I receive it so keep an eye on my Instagram/Twitter for that.

For those of you loving the liquid lipstick right now, check out the Heavy Metals section of the site, where there are 6 beautiful shades to choose from. Their website also has a section full of what they call Fan Pics, so you can see what the products look like on the people that use them. I think this is a brilliant idea as the draw back of shopping online is that you can't get a true idea of what the product itself will really look like on.

They also have one of the cutest blogs I have ever come across. Posts ranging from a throw back to butterfly hair clips (yes, I owned about 50), beautiful make up looks, and even a behind the scenes section about their brand. The blog, the packaging of the products, and the photos used on the blog are all amazing - exactly the kind of style I love, and I really urge all of you who haven't already to check them out here - Lime Crime Blog 

The website itself is here - Lime Crime

When you Google them, it even comes up as Makeup for Unicorns!

Thank you all for reading, and as usual all your comments are appreciated. I will swatch my purchases when they arrive.

Love to you all x

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  1. I've been so curious about Lime Crime, I love the sound of their metallic lip shades! I can't wait to check their blog out - I love yours! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)