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Monday, 10 March 2014

Sleek Face Contour Kit

Hello everyone :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine! Up here in Yorkshire it was like summer yesterday so spent the whole day sat in the garden doing absolutely nothing. But now it's Monday and back to reality!

Today, I'm doing a little review post on the Sleek Face Contour Kit, which I have in Light. Sorry in advance for the pictures, I wasn't smart enough to remember to take pictures before I used it... Oops!!

Like I said, I forgot to take pictures before I used it, and I have used it quite a bit so sorry it looks a bit messy. And the marks in the lighter side are from a small dropping accident! Oops again! 

Now, on to the actual product. I love Sleek as a brand, especially their lipsticks, so I was expecting good things from this, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The bronzer half is a subtle matte shade, and even though I have a medium skin tone, the Light palette was a perfect colour for me. Any darker and I think it would have been too much. It blends well and doesn't smudge your foundation when you apply it. 

The highlighter is very subtle, but that's what I personally prefer so I was more than happy with it. But if you do like a stand out highlighter then this probably isn't for you. It's more like a slightly shimmery face powder. 

The lasting power isn't amazing, and I did have to top up after around 4 or 5 hours, but that's something I don't mind doing, and for only £6.50 I wouldn't expect a super long lasting product. 

As the Light shade palette suits my medium skin tone perfectly, I do think you would struggle to use this if you have a very light skin tone, however it might be possible with a light touch and a lot of blending. 

Overall, I am very happy with this product. The packaging is their usual simple black matte finish, and the little mirror inside is handy for when you're out and about, although for touch ups on the go you will need your own makeup brush with you. I always have a few in my bag but I know not all people do. 

The quality is exactly what you would expect from a trusted brand, and even when I dropped it on the tile floor in the bathroom, hardly any of the powder broke free which I find impressive. 

I honestly think I will repurchase this when I run out, although I expect it to last for a very long time! 

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you all get a chance to make the most of the lovely weather :) 

Love to you all x


  1. Great post! I appreciate the tip on the staying power, I just purchased a bunch of blushes from them so I will be on the lookout for the wear time!

    1. Thank you :) Let me know how you find them! Am looking at getting a new blush from them next xx