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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Barry M Silk Nail Polish in Meadow

Hello everyone :)

As any of you who knows me or my blog will know, I have a huge addiction to Barry M nail polishes. However, I was so caught up in buying all the colours from the gelly range, that I have only just got round to trying any from the silk collection! The first colour I chose to go for was Meadow, a lovely pastel blue which is perfect for spring.

I always find Barry M polishes to be good quality and quite long lasting so its no surprise that this lived up to the same standards. I applied two coats of the polish, and this lasted around 5 days before I started to see signs of chipping.
The colour itself is beautiful, and I love the slightly matte finish you get from this collection. I can't wait to try more from the silk range, do any of you have any recommendations on which colours I should try next?
Thank you all for reading, and as always, all comments are loved and appreciated.
Love to you all x


  1. Need to try these!
    What is the thing called that you have used to show what it looks like on a nail? I'm looking to buy them but cannot remember the name!

    1. I bought mine on eBay. Just search nail art wheel and it should bring them up. Mine can screw together to form a wheel or can be taken apart as individuals. Think mine were £5 for 75 or something xx