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Monday, 9 September 2013

My MUA Trial....

The other day, I asked a few people, and put a tweet out, asking whether MUA make up was worth a try. I've read a couple of reviews on it, and everyone seems to love it, but for £1 for most products (the most you will pay for a make up item is £4) I was skeptical that you could actually get any kind of quality for that. But, I did decide to give it a go, so I went and bought a few items and figured that if i didn't like it I'd only wasted a few pound.

I can't give you a photo at the moment, as my camera broke, but what I got was MUA face powder, 2 eye shadows in dark grey and silver, a glittery black eyeliner, and a shimmery pink lipstick. All together, this came to £6.50. Not bad is it! Less than I pay for a foundation!

First, I'll start with the face powder. This comes in 4 shades, although the darkest of these looked more like a bronzer to me. I picked shade 3 for my medium skin tone. I honestly expected it to be thin and, if I'm honest, almost pointless. It wasn't.

I only tend to use face powder on my nose and under my eyes to stop shine. That it did. It also made my foundation stay put longer, and gave a smoother appearance to my skin tone. What more could you ask for from a powder? Now I have to say that it may be a tad too dark for me, but that is my fault for buying the wrong shade (there wasn't any testers), but it is still more than wearable when blended with my foundation.

Second, I'm going to talk about the eye shadows. I bought the grey and silver as a pair to see if they would make a good smokey eye effect. Alone, the grey is a good deep shade. For something that only cost £1, the colour you get is deep (same with the silver) and it doesn't smudge or fade. You get no creases, and it goes on with ease. I used the dark grey shadow all over the lid, and the silver close to the lash line, then blended, and put a thin line of the grey under the lower lash line. It did give me a good smokey eye. I had to add a touch of black eyeliner to the mix, but that isn't really a hardship.

My only complaint was that, oddly, the colour was hard to clean off my make up brushes.... I've never known that before, but at least you could say it has staying power!

Thirdly, the glittery black eyeliner. This was also £1, but this I wasn't as pleased with. Like all their eyeliners, it comes with a sharpener in the lid which I think is a brilliant idea, and it does give you great depth of colour. But the glitter in it isn't very visible, and comes out as big random clumps around your eye, which drifts down your cheeks. I will go back and try one of their coloured eyeliners, as the pigment in them is amazing for the price, it was simply the glitter that I wasn't impressed with.

Finally, the lipstick. What I was going for was a light pink shimmery colour, something light and summery. That is what I got. The colour glides on and feels soft on your lips. The colour pigment isn't as strong as what you might get with a more expensive brand, but it just means you may have to re-apply half way through the day. No real issue. However, what I really loved was that at the bottom of the lipstick container, you get a little clear pot displaying the colour, and this you can unscrew and it gives you a little pot of the same colour to apply as lip balm with a lip brush (it's too small to get your fingers in). It's simple little clever ideas like this that make me smile. Those extra touches.

To be honest, the only downside of this product was that it can dry your lips slightly after a while, so I would suggest applying a touch of lip balm before you put it on. That should solve all your problems, and again for £1, you aren't really going to complain.

Overall, I have to say I'm impressed with MUA as a brand. It's cheap, good quality, and they have a decent range of products. They are a bit hard to source (In the UK its available from Superdrug, outside of the UK, I think you will need to shop online). But even so, if you add delivery charges, it still works out pretty cheap. I will definitely be going back to try more of their products, and I promise that next time, I will give you pictures (stupid camera!!!)

As always, here are the reviews:

MUA Face Powder: 3.5 stars

MUA eyeshadows (grey and silver): Both 3 stars

MUA eyeliner: 1 star (sorry!)

MUA lipstick: 4 stars

Thank you for reading :) sorry for the lack of pictures. I will try and fix this asap. Promise!

Love to you all x

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