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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I'm Back!!

Hello again!

Firstly, I want to start by saying sorry for my recent absence. I've moved house, and have been stuck without the internet for a while now, but I am back up and online, ready to go! Although I still haven't managed to get my hands on a new camera, and feel totally lost without one, so sorry also for the lack of photos. Am trying to buy a new one asap but can't seem to swing the idea by the other half.

Right, so today, I am going to be attempting to do my first hair care related post....

For such a beauty addict, I have to admit something. Please don't judge me... I'm not a huge fan of using hair products. My hair care routine is normally limited to John Frieda colour care shampoo and conditioner, and heat protection spray. That is it. I rarely use hair spray or any kind of hair mask treatments because I never really have a lot of problems with my hair, so I've honestly never seen the point. But recently, I think it's because I've been a bit run down. my hair started to feel a bit dry, so I decided (after reading a lot of hair care blog posts) to try this......

At first, I was worried about it making my hair greasy. Call me naive, but something just didn't seem right to me about putting oil in my hair just after I'd washed it, but I gave it a shot. I bought mine from for £22.95, so it was a tad more than I'd normally pay for something like this, but I couldn't argue with the reviews I'd read.

Now for my verdict. I may be converted.

As much as the price was a bit of a stretch for me to be ok with (I mean prices like that are normally reserved for my old faithful beauty and make up staples) you only need the tiniest amounts for it to be effective, so it will last a long time.

After the first use, I couldn't tell much of a difference. I mean my hair was a bit shinier, and it smells lovely, but the ends still felt dry and unconditioned. I persevered, and now I'm really glad I did. After 3 - 4 used, my hair feels like I've been to a salon every time I use it. I'ts shiny and soft, in MUCH better condition, and it doesn't make hair feel heavy or greasy as long as you don't use too much. I have quite long hair (about 5 inches past my shoulders) and I only use 1 - 2 pumps of it, and never apply anywhere near the roots.

I have to say I do like Redken, and have used their products before which is why I went for this brand, but I know you can buy essentially the same kind of product elsewhere quite cheap. I was talking to a friend about it the other day and she uses a brand of argan oil that she picked up in superdrug for around £3 -£4 which might be worth a try. I may try that another time and do a comparison for you, or if any of you have used other cheaper brands and have loved or hated them, let me know!

It isn't something, however, that I think I would use all the time. Unless the weather is really hot or really cold, or unless I'm getting run down, my hair is usually in pretty good condition without using it, but from now on, I am going to make sure I have some in at all times for those days when your hair just looks like it needs a touch of TLC.

Time now for my rating!

Redken all soft argan-6 oil = 4 stars!!

Here is a link to where I bought mine from:

I have to say, it feels good to be back and blogging, and this time without the internet was depressing, but now I'm back, will try to post a few times a week from now on. I promise :)

Love to you all x

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