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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas Wishlist...

Hello my lovelies :) 

I've been in a very Christmassy mood today, probably because of the freezing weather, so I thought I'd do a Christmas wishlist post. I love reading people's wishlists, so if anyone wants to link me any in the comments I'd love to read them! 

Firstly we have a Magic Wand Bubble Bar from Lush. I think Lush do lovely products, especially at Christmas, and this wand looks so pretty! I really like the idea of being able to wave it around in the bath to create lots of lovely smelling bubbles. 

Secondly, we have the Nars Up To The Moon Palette. Love the nudes and wintery shades of this, and it has been a long time since I last had a Nars palette. My old one ran out about 6 months ago, and I've been tempted to replace it ever since. Though I've been a good girl and waited for Santa to bring me one.

The Third item on my list is the one I'm most excited to try. If I don't get it for Christmas then I may have to buy it for my self in the new year. Its a Nails Inc polish diary, and it comes with 12 shades which are supposed to be perfect for the 12 months in the year. I wouldn't be disciplined enough to wait a month before trying the next shade, but it does look like it has a good mix of colours, including nudes, brights and glitters, so I feel its a good investment (it's around £50 but that's for 12 nail polishes!). 

We then have the Woodland Splodge Scarf from Topshop. I know I featured a Topshop scarf in my post for the winter project, but yesterday I spotted this one, and it got added to the list. I told you I have a scarf addiction! 

I had to add Chanel Chance, which I have already said is my favorite perfume. It smells amazing, really light and fresh, and its the only perfume I wear on a regular basis. I still have some of mine left, but Christmas seems to be the best time to stock up on your favorite perfumes as a lot of shops seem to do special deals and gift sets. 

The shoes are from ASOS, and although they aren't the most practical thing for winter, I just can't resist a nice pair of heels! Plus, it's kind of become a tradition for me to ask for a pair of shoes for Christmas that I want to wear out on new years eve. These classic black and gold ones are perfect for the party season and would go well with pretty much any outfit. 

Another one I'm excited about on this list is the Oasis tote bag. I honestly don't have many bags, and only 2 decent sized ones (most are little clutches). I love the complimentary cream and brown together with the bold blocks of red at the sides. Would be great for me to hoard hand creams and lipsticks in too........

Lastly, we have another treat from Lush.... The Christmas Penguins! I saw these online and just thought they were unbelievably cute! Haven't seen them in the store yet, although I'm sure they will smell amazing... most things from Lush tend to! 

Well there we go, that is my finished and final Christmas Wishlist! What do you all have on your Christmas list? Comments always welcomed, and thank you for reading :)

Love to you all x


  1. I've nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This award is given to bloggers who bring sunshine to the blogging world. You can see more about the nomination and how to proceed at my blog.

    Please don't feel pressured into participating. This is just a way to shine the spotlight on new bloggers. Happy blogging!

    -Lindsey :)

    Sunshine Award Nomination

    1. awww thank you!! will have a look at your blog now :) really appreciate it!! xxx

  2. I love your Christmas Wish list! I love posts like this because I get the best ideas of what I want and what to get other people. Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower of your blog and love what I see so far! I can't wait to see what else you post! And congrats on your Sunshine Award, I see the comment above looks like you deserve it!


  3. aww thank you hun, glad to hear you like it! my blog is still pretty knew but love doing it so far, and its always lovely to know someone likes reading it! will def check yours out now :) xx

  4. I'm a huge chance fan! Smells just gorgeous doesn't it?! And no wish list would be complete without some nars! I need this pallette in my life! Gorgeous blog Hun :) really enjoyed reading it xxx