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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Winter Project #1 - Winter Nail Polishes

Hello everyone! Today is the first post for #TheWinterProject, and I'm so excited to be involved. Each Tuesday we will be covering a different topic and today we are starting with our favorite winter nail polishes.

Now I'm not really one for subscribing to colour trends and themes when it comes to my nails, but I do have to admit that when it comes to this time a year, I am all about reds, golds and all things shimmery. I think its nature or something to gravitate toward these bold and exciting colours at this time of year. So what I have done today, is to pick my top 5 colours for Autumn and Winter.

Well it just wouldn't be right to not include a couple of red tones in this post would it? I love red nail varnish, especially when it gets nearer to Christmas. These are two of my favorites at the moment. The first is Barry M in Raspberry, and the second is Kate Spade for Nails Inc in Big Apple Red. I am one of the ones lucky enough to pick this Nails Inc polish up in this months Glamour Magazine for just £2, but Nails Inc have always been a favorite of mine. 

As you can see from the examples (both of which have only one coat) they are both big bright colours, and add a nice pop of colour to the large amounts of black and grey that seem to be popular in clothing at this time of year. 

Next we have another Barry M favorite of mine I mentioned this gold foil effect nail polish a while back in one of my posts, but you really do have to try it to believe how good it is. It looks more elegant than a bright glittery gold, and for my skin tone, I think it's perfect. The only downside is that you need perfectly smooth nails to wear it. If you have any bumps or ridges in your nails, it will pick them up and exaggerate them, so remember to give them a buff first :) You only need one coat, and no top coat with this else it ruins the foil effect. I was worried that it wouldn't last as long on my nails without a top coat, but it took around 5 days for it to start getting chipped, and would probably last longer in someone less clumsy than me. 

The next colour I'm loving at the minute is a surprising one. I normally stick to Barry M, Nails Inc or Essie when it comes to my nails, and I do have a couple of Rimmel and Revlon ones, but this one by L.A. Colour in metallic purple has become a bit of a favorite. It cost something like £1.99, and for that I expected it to be thin, runny, and rubbish. I only bought it because I needed that colour to go with a fancy dress costume and happened to spot it in a discount shop when I was about to lose all hope. It does take quite a while to try, and you do need two coats, but if you have the patience, what you end up with is shimmery, long lasting, and perfectly glittery for the festive season. I'm more than happy with it, especially for the price! 

Lastly we have another Barry M polish (told you I liked them!) this time in Copper. In the picture it looks like a solid bronze colour, but in reality its a thick glittery polish, but which gives the illusion of a solid colour in low light, or with two or three coats. It looks amazing on its own, especially for the party season, but my favorite way to wear it (how I have my nails right now) is layered over the Barry M Raspberry. You can hardly see the red shining through, but it gives a deep opulent effect, and looks like a colour you might find on a christmas bauble :) I LOVE it! 

So there we have it. My first post for #TheWinterProject. I'm looking forward to next week already, and would love to read what other people have as their winter faves! Thank you all for reading

Love to you all x


  1. Ooo I forgot about metallic colours for winter, definitely going to be busting them out.
    Great post.

    Hannah xxx

    1. Thank you :) loved your post too! Xx

  2. Great post and some fab colours. I especislly lovrd the barryM raspberry. One for my lust list I think.


    1. Thank you :) I love it, one of the only nail polished I've run out of and re purchased. Normally go back and forward between loads xx