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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Winter Project #2 - Winter Accessories

Hello my lovelies, hope everyone is well and keeping warm!

So its come round to the second week of #thewinterproject, and today is all about favorite winter accessories! :)

What I thought I'd do with this post, is show you the accessories I'm loving at the moment as kind of a wishlist post. I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow, and these are the things I might treat myself to :)

1. Topshop Net Bow Headband: £10

I love headbands for winter. I've always been a bit of a hat lover when it comes to winter, but this season, I'm wanting to buy a couple of headbands instead, as I think they add something a bit different to a winter outfit. This one is simple yet has some lovely elegant detail with the lace bow, and is a bargain at only £10! 

2. River Island Brown Floral Print Scarf: £18

I have to admit something to you. I am a bit of a scarf hoarder! I think I now have around 20, and the list seems to grow almost weekly in winter. I love them, and most of them are printed scarves rather than woolly ones. I think you can brighten up any outfit with them, so when I'm stuck for what to wear, I throw on a plain black dress and add a bright scarf. I saw this the other day when browsing online, and loved the unusual pattern. 

3. Warehouse Quilted Leather Gloves from £26

I actually treated myself to these last night when looking online! Oops! I have bought several pairs of pretty knitted gloves in the past, all with lovely designs, but I play with my hands a lot, and am always picking things up and fiddling, and knitted gloves seem to wear out really quickly. Last year I bought some leather ones, and they lasted all winter without a problem. When I saw these quilted leather effect ones, I thought they looked classic, and will keep my hands nice and warm at the same time! Might even dedicate a  post to them when they arrive :)  

4. Hunter Wellies: Price Varies

The one thing I just could not live without in winter is my wellies. I have chocolate brown Hunters at the moment, and to say that I love them would be an understatement. For Christmas, I have asked for another pair, seeing as I get so much wear out of them! These classic pillar box red ones are what I have decided on, although there are so many to choose from that I may change my mind! 

5. Hunter Socks: Price Varies 

Finally, to go with my beloved brown Hunters, I have decided that I need some of these lovely cable knit Hunter socks. The winters get very cold here in Yorkshire and I'm hoping these cute little things help! I think they are around £30 from Hunters website, but you can shop around to find them cheaper. 

So there we are! My top 5 wishlist picks for winter accessories! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! All comments, links, and opinions are always welcomed...

I am already looking forward to the next #thewinterproject post next Tuesday :) 

Love to you all x


  1. Love your choices, hope you get what you want :) x

  2. I love winter headbands too! Awesome picks xx

  3. That headband is super cute!! I didn't think to put my wellies in my post! Those red ones are fab!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    [Fancy being involved in a new blogger project? #TheSkinProject]

  4. I really want some nice quilted gloves. But I've got man hands lol so they never fit. Mines at would love if you could follow xxx

    1. haha aww bless you. I have the opposite problem, i have stupidly small hands so they are always to big :P loved your blog, checked it out and gave you a bloglovin follow :) xxx

    2. Just followed u back hunni. It's nice to find a lovely new blog to read xxx

  5. We love love love Hunter wellies :-) Think we need to add the socks to our Christmas list too. Great post Amy.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. aww thank you :) I've wanted some of the socks ever since my sister got some last year, so this year its my turn to get some :P will check your blog out now :) xxx

  6. The river island scarf is so gorgeous! You can never have too many scarfs :D I hope your Christmas shopping trip is successful!
    L xo

  7. Aww thank you :) will check out your blog now xx